White Faced Capuchin enjoying lunch

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Definitely one of the highlights of our Costa Rica trip, from my point of view as a photographic opportunity, and that of my wife, Christine who, if given half a chance, would have brought them all home with her.

My wife and I were quietly traveling the backwaters of the mangroves on the edge of the rainforest, in a small boat with just the two of us and two crew, and to be honest we had not encountered as much of the wildlife as we might have expected.

However, as we rounded a bend, we caught sight of one or two monkeys some hundred yards or so in front of us. As we got closer, we realised that we had come across a whole troop of these endearing White faced Capuchins. Rather than rushing off into the forest, they in fact displayed great inquisitiveness and entertained us for a half hour.

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