The Photographer

David Oldridge is a British ex-pat who arrived in Connecticut in 2009 armed with a wife, his cameras and an opportunity to apply his photography skills and imagination in a new environment.

“This move provided me with fresh challenges, commercially and artistically, to which I have endeavoured to rise to meet my own standards and the expectations of clients”…

Originally self taught in the seemingly long forgotten era of 35mm film, David’s principal area of photographic interest and expertise was motor sport.

“Sports photography gave a boost to my learning curve in the early days. I could not choose the time, position, or conditions, which meant that I really had to understand the equipment in order to adapt quickly to rapidly changing situations.”

During the 90’s, other business commitments diverted David’s attentions away from photography until 2006, by which time the digital revolution was irriversible.

“I believe that my grounding in the film era has been an asset, rather like learning multiplication tables before depending on a calculator. It gave me an important understanding of the fundamentals of the whole process, which enables me to constantly explore and refine what I want from the camera. But I am by no means a “purist”. Digital photography still depends upon the same basic scientific principles, but modern technology, on and off the camera, has opened up new avenues practically and artistically, which I have been delighted to embrace.”

In the interim, passing years and changing priorities and interests in life led to David’s resurgent photographic career being directed towards wildlife and landscape imagery, which remain areas of personal enjoyment. However, from a professional and commercial point of view, it was important for David to broaden his remit and he has spent the past years developing a studio within which he can fulfill client needs for portrait and product work.

Never one to rest on his laurels, nor to compromise his integrity, David worked closely with experienced professionals in those fields to ensure that he would be offering those services at the highest possible level.

“I count myself fortunate to have lived and worked in Connecticut USA, though I am now back in the UK, and all the more fortunate to have been  able to work in a field for which I have such a passion.The photographs displayed in my portfolio represent a rewarding journey for me, and I hope that you find them enjoyable and stimulating.”    sig