Burlington Land Trust

Burlington Land Trust

Recently I had the privilege of meeting Paul Rochford of Burlington Land Trust, and came to understand a: how relevant this organisation is to my own work in portraying local nature and wildlife, and b: how much it deserves to be supported by the residents of Burlington.

The land trust is a non profit organization which seeks to preserve and protect Burlington’s natural environment through both ownership and management of unique scenic and natural sites in and around the town.

It is well worth spending a little time to peruse the Burlington Land Trust website to appreciate the hard work which is undertaken on behalf of the town, and the effort which is put into encouraging local people to take advantage of the invaluable natural resources on their doorsteps.

As protective as the Trust is of the local environment, it appears to me that its ethos is essentially community driven, rather than existing for the benefit of intellectual environmentalists, and it very much deserves local support.

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