Burlington Falls

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The title is something of a misnomer, as I have no idea what the falls are called or if indeed they have a name at all.

I have lived in the town of Burlington for over 4 years without knowing that this little hidden corner of the town’s woodland existed. In fact I only came across it by accident after seeing a happy snap of someone I know sitting in the falls followed by a mention of the fact it was in Burlington. A few minutes “Googling” gave me the location.

I made a preliminary visit on the following afternoon in somewhat flat light conditions to discover that the falls were shadowed by the forest canopy, and figured that on a sunny day late morning would provide some dappled sunlight through the trees.

So it was that the next day was bright and sunny and off I went, armed with camera and tripod. It took a while to clamber out into the middle of the stream and set the camera up as low as possible without drowning it.

A long exposure to give the silky effect to the moving water, and the last remnants of Fall color gave me a pleasing result.

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