Mountain Vista from Forest Road 143, Arizona

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I took a 4×4 for an exploration along a rough single vehicle track, designated as Forest Rd 143, which winds its way precariously into the mountains, North of Scottsdale, Arizona. Not an ideal journey for the faint hearted without a head for heights.

In many places it not only became unexpectedly steep in elevation, but narrowed to little more than the width of the vehicle, with a sheer unprotected drop to one side, whilst deteriorating to the point of having to crawl over fallen rocks and negotiate subsidence. Also any opportunity to turn the vehicle round (even with a 10 point turn!) became fewer and further apart.

Eventually I bottled out and took a chance to get the car turned around, as it was becoming increasingly likely that I might literally run out of road around the next bend with no chance of turning. Nevertheless, only when I reset the GPS, and headed back to the bottom of the trail, did I realise that I had actually ventured over 9.5 miles up into the mountains. it was worth it just to feel so completely isolated from the rest of the world for those few hours, and to experience such glorious views.

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