“Burlington’s Back Yard” Exhibition – October 2013

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The exhibition opened on 2nd October 2013 at Burlington Public Library and will run throughout the month.

This is my exhibition debut, and it was tempting to display an eclectic cross section of work from wildlife to sports, and from portraits to commercial products.¬†However, I felt that there should be an underlying theme which would appeal more to local people. This spawned the theme and title of “Burlington’s Back Yard”. The project became, in effect, a celebration of what has led my wife Christine and I to set down roots in Burlington, and an endeavor to enhance Burlington residents’ appreciation and enjoyment of the natural wonders of their own yards and local woods.

Consequently, in dismissing a lot of material which has been shot around the world, the images of nature in this exibition were all shot in Burlington (with one indulgent exception). Even constraining this collection to Burlington’s nature was a difficult, and ultimately almost random, process. The twenty eight exhibits barely scratch the surface of a catalogue of over 60 local bird species, and countless mammals, reptiles, dragonflies, butterflies, all of which can be regularly found in our back yards.

I still question the choices made, and no doubt will continue to do so. However, what is most important, and encouraging to me, is that the exhibition has been well received, and that exhibits are finding new homes.


A collection of reduced-size images of the photographs which were framed and entered as exhibits can be seen by clicking on the “Burlington’s Back Yard” Tag in the right sidebar.

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