Sculpture By The Lakes

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I am immensely proud to be a contributor to a wonderful new book depicting the extraordinary work of internationally renowned sculptor, Simon Gudgeon, and the lakeland sculpture park, created by Simon and his wife Monique.

I am fortunate to have been able to spend a lot of inspirational time at Pallington Lakes – one of the places I miss most about England since I moved to the United States. These lakes, and their grounds, have now been transformed by Simon and Monique Gudgeon into a truly tranquil and magical sculpture park; perhaps the finest of its genre in the Country.

I came to develop an intimate relationship with the environment around these beautiful lakes which enabled me to capture such a wide spectrum of moods and atmospheres generated by nature and its juxtaposition with the magnificent, and highly acclaimed, sculptural creations.

Some further images shot at Sculpture by The Lakes

Several of these images have been previously incorporated into Simon’s website depicting Sculpture By the Lakes. Simon has now produced a glorious 144 page book portraying the best of art and the natural environment working in concert, and I am extremely proud to have captured the essence of a misty autumn morning, at Sculpture By The Lakes, which now represents a full page introduction to the book (image above).

This book is far more than an overview of the sculpture park. It is a gift to the eyes of anyone who appreciates beauty in both its natural and artistic forms.

As a contributor to Simon’s book and a delighted customer for some of Simon’s work, I am unashamedly happy to lead my own friends and clients in the direction of Sculpture By The Lakes whether earthly or published.

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Buy the book here at or via SBTL’s website

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