Monaco Formula One Grand Prix 2015

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This was not so much of a project as it was a trip of a lifetime, both as a passionate fan of F1 racing and as a photographer.

My wife, Christine, and I were able to experience Monte Carlo (with which we are familiar at other times of the year) in the style for which the principality of Monaco is so famous during race week. However, and just as importantly, the opportunity presented me, as a photographer, with some unrivalled shooting locations around the circuit. Indeed I found myself shoulder to shoulder with accredited F1 sports photographers.

We had chosen three different locations for the three days of racing, and this allowed me to shoot the action from a variety of different perspectives which resulted in images of views of the cars and drivers at work which even I had never seen during a lifetime of watching Formula One. From a trackside terrace in Casino Square, to the stern rail on the upper deck of a yacht moored off the Nouvelle Chicane, the viewing and the unencumbered shooting were almost everything I could ask for. that is with the exception of the position we took on the roof terrace of the Caravelles building above the entry to Turn 1 at saint Devote. From fifteen floors up, not only did this offer me a wonderful perspective of the cars thundering under my feet into the first turn, it also gave us a clear view of over two thirds of the entire circuit as well as simply stunning views over the whole of Monte Carlo and the harbour.

A cross section of the images from Formula One, and the Porsche Supercup race, can be found in the portfolio under the gallery heading of “action / sports” or by clicking on the “motor sport” tag which will be seen on the right or bottom of most pages.

My bio mentions that motor sport was my speciality during my first photography “life” back in the film days. So in away this is both returning to my photographic roots, and a culmination of 45 years dedicated to following Formula One both at Silverstone and circuits around the world.

I would welcome any comments or, from any enthusiasts, any enquiries about prints of any of the images shown or indeed other prints incorporating other drivers and cars which I may also have images of.

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