Bobcat (3)

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Amongst all those moments you miss, and you curse the lack of camera in your hands, there occasionally comes an event you couldn’t have expected yet were sat right behind the camera, with the perfect lens.

I was sat glued to the camera on a tripod, in the last rays of the day, in a vain effort to capture a shot of an elusive Baltimore Oriole. All of a sudden this Bobcat appeared from nowhere. I had only seconds to obtain a short sequence of shots before she moved off behind some more undergrowth leading to a small ravine. It became clear, a little while later when I moved closer to the impenetrable undergrowth, why she was heading in that direction. There came the unmistakable sound of perhaps two kittens which she had hidden down in the ravine.

How extraordinary it might have been, had I been able to capture shots of the youngsters, but I remain grateful for what I had.

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